Morgan State University Veteran Student Association

The Morgan State University Veteran Student Association (VSA) was created to unite veteran and  non-veteran students with each other campus-wide. 

Our intent is to create a cohesive identity for veteran students and promote a positive social environment.  This association will also serve as the voice of the student veterans to campus committees or governing offices. We support veterans throughout  Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia areas.

To be eligible you must be a: 

  • Student with military status
  • Child or dependent of a veteran
  • Active ROTC student
  • Current student in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.0 or higher.

Veteran Student Association Policies: 

  • The term of the office is one school year 
  • Association members must attend monthly membership meetings
  • Minimum of 3 community service projects per semester

The positions that a student veteran can hold as part of this association are as follows:

Officer Positions:

The President  - Presides at all meetings, appoints committee chairpersons and serves as liaison to the

Student Life Office of Student Activities.

The Vice President - Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.  This individual represents

 the club at the SGA Council meetings. 

The Secretary/Treasurer -  Takes minutes at meetings, prepares agendas, keeps a list of members' names

  and addresses, keeps records of financial transactions and follows the

   university's financial policies and procedures.

The Activities Coordinator - Is responsible for planning, facilitating and publicizing all Veteran

Student Association activities.

Member Positions:

Member - Provides the committee with information and support. Helps to facilitate projects,

   events and activities relative to the needs of the student veterans population.

The election of officers will take place at the second general meeting of each fall semester.  Officers will be elected by majority vote of the members at the meeting.  


Meet the Veteran Student Association for the 2015-2016 Academic School Year

(From Left to Right): Akeem Flemmings (Tresurer) , Shayla Lee (President) , Darryl Henry (Secretary), Tieshana Morgan (Vice President)