Office of Veterans Engagement

The Office of Veterans Engagement (OVE) assists with the transitioning of students from secondary education to institutions of higher learning.  In conjunction with the University's objectives to facilitate the achievement and educational needs of the community, our veterans engagement staff and military personnel are extending our efforts to encompass the increasingly diversified military population of veterans, their spouses and dependents.

The Office of Veterans Engagement (OVE) provides assistance to students seeking eligibility criteria for benefits under the Veterans Educational Assistance Act.

OVE serves its student veterans by outlining several opportunities, goals and key strategic elements:  

  • Post 9/11 G.I. Bill eligibility and benefits
  • Military Credits
  • Veterans Services Goals and Programs: 
    • Concentrating on an on-campus infrastructure for veterans
    • Veterans Application Process
    • Veterans Priority Registration
    • Veterans Orientation
    • Focus Group for veterans
    • Veterans Appreciation Night 
    • Veterans Center Services
    • Scholarship Programs
    • Town Hall Meetings
    • Veterans Student Association Chapter
    • Veterans Advisory Support Committee (VASC)