Middle School Initiatives - College Gateway Program

Enrollment Outreach and Veteran Services establishes partnerships with area middle schools.  The relationship a prospective student builds with colleges and universities early on is crucial in determining what choice is ranked above all others during his or her junior and senior high school years.  This program brings middle school students to campus to assist in the students seeing college as a viable option for them; to familiarize them with the necessary academic and financial preparation they will need to successfully gain admission to college; and to cultivate them as future Morgan students by exposing them to our campus community.

The following is an outline for a College Gateway Partnership Program. 

  1. Began with Baltimore County and in 2012-2013 expanded to Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County, Howard County, Montgomery County, District of Columbia and Prince George's County school.
  2. Purposes is to help prepare students at a young age regarding how to apply and pay for collegte
    • The grades they are expected to maintain.
    • The SAT/ACT scores needed for admission.
    • How to go about choosing colleges and what information is vital to know when starting the process.

The anticipated commitments needed from Morgan's administration to ensure the successful enactment of the College Gateway Partnership program are:

  1. The creation and full utilization of the student Ambassadors*
  2. The availability of SMART classrooms
  3. Faculty presentations
  4. Career Development Lessons
  5. Campus Tours
  6.  Identifiable lanyards, folders and pens distributed to all Partnership participants

Morgan’s administration, have made specific commitments in support of Campus Pals Program*:

  1. Morgan has developed program components for the Middle School Project
  2. Morgan has met with the Directors of Career Development and initiated discussions about a college-wide lesson plan
  3. Morgan has met with Thompson Hospitality and offered appropriate menu options for middle school students
  4. Developed an comprehensive and audience-appropriate “Why Choose College” Power Point Presentation by which middle school students will be introduced to to college life, engaged and motivated to continue their education.

 Middle Schools, in return have committed to the following: 

  1. Transportation for all middle school Partnership participants
  2. Lunch for all middle school Partnership participants
  3. Preparation and follow-up lessons, curriculum development, and project evaluation
  4. Name tags