Counselors Awareness Initiative

In line with the aforementioned initiative, a relationship cannot be fully fostered with middle schools without the support of local school counselors.  Counselors often serve as the first point of contact for the University in identifying prospective students.  As such, it is vital that all local area middle and high school counselors are aware of the programs Morgan State University has to offer, and are conveying accurate and up to date information about admissions, financial aid, and general curriculum to those students.  The University has also initiated the offering of Dual Enrollment to high school seniors who wish to take college courses, and earn credit for such completed courses.  This allows seniors to simultaneously finish their high school career, while earning early credit towards their collegiate degree.

A Counselors’ Day is hosted by the University, for all area counselors. During this event, information related to admission to the University, the classes required by the University from high schools, desired SAT/ACT scores, and the importance of completing FAFSA and other financial aid paperwork early and accurately are shared. The counselors also get a firsthand look at the Morgan way of life as they tour the campus.

Some of the other crucial areas that are explored are:

    • CASA Program
    • Honors Program
    • SAMS Program
    • CONNECT Program
    • SEMAA
    • College Bound Foundation
    • Retention
    • Leadership Positions
    • Scholarship Information and Workshops

A schedule to the upcoming County Counselors Awareness Days for 2014 - 2015 School Year will be posted soon......