Office of Enrollment Outreach and Veteran Services

The Office of Enrollment Outreach and Veteran Services (EOVS) is a composite unit, focused on making the transition of students from secondary education to that of an institution of higher learning, a smooth one. To better facilitate the achievement of the University's objectives related to student enrollment, the Office of Enrollment Management Services was established. Since its inception in 2000-2001, the Office has extended its function to include our Veterans returning to college through Veteran Services.

The main purpose of EOVS is to enhance the coordination of services deemed critical to students' recruitment, enrollment and retention towards graduation. These services include collaborations with other key institutional administrative units such as the Office of Admissions, the Office of Residence Life & Housing, the Office of Retention, Financial Aid, and Veteran Services. Additionally, this has led to the creation and development of the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives from the aforementioned departments. Other functions of EOVS include assisting the Bursar's Office with the reinstatement of student's dropped schedules, making certain that every Morgan student is given the assistance needed to make satisfactory financial arrangements, and helping to ensure that students they remain in school.

The Office of Enrollment Outreach and Veteran Services also serves as a point of contact for several University Wide initiatives such as the Middle School Initiative, the Dual Enrollment Initiative, the Scholarship Workshop Program and Veterans Recruiting. These initiatives are at the forefront of our policy to offer a quality education to all prospective and current students of Morgan State University. Moreover, to facilitate this process, our goals center on increasing outreach to parochial and local suburban Maryland schools, establishing a reciprocal relationship with school superintendents and counselors within the Maryland area and establishing Morgan State as a Veteran-friendly university.