Mission & Vision Statement


The mission of the Office of  Veterans Engagement (VE) is to support the achievement of the University's enrollment management and student success goals by providing, leadership in identifying and sustaining, new external partnerships, facilitating recruitment, registration, and retention-related communication between internal partners and students, and by providing a variety of support services to veterans of the armed forces at Morgan State University.


The Office of Veterans Engagement  has a vision of ensuring that Morgan State University will be the "University of Choice" for all student veterans, service members, dependents and the spouse of, by being recognized nationally as a "Military Friendly University."

In our commitment to support the University's vision, by establishing and continuing to implement the following goals:

  1. Increase the attractiveness of the University to potential and current veteran students..
  2. Assisting the University with recruitment efforts related to Veterans to a broader population of potential students through outreach and partnerships with other higher education institutions, community-serving organizations, and businesses. 
  3. Create an environment of sensitivity and understanding of veteran's needs.
  4. Poll current veteran students for suggestions on how the University can better assist them.
  5. Provide students with networking communities to promote internships and career placement opportunities.