Core Values

The Student Enrichment Program attempts to instill in students a commitment to the following values:


• Responsibility and Accountability: being held accountable for knowing and fulfilling graduation requirements, monitoring their own progress toward meeting those requirements, and knowing and observing academic policies and procedures

• Investment: investing the time and resources necessary to get a good education

• Improvement: improving their level of performance continuously

• Priorities: making getting a good education a priority

• Good Habits: developing and practicing of good habits of discipline, courtesy, civility and academic decorum

• Proficiency: gaining and maintaining proficiency in the skills that are a gateway to success in their studies

• Involvement in Learning: being extensively involved or engaged in learning, both inside and outside the classroom

• Community:  being good citizens of the academic community, inclusive of communicating and working well with faculty and pears

• Self-Confidence:  believing in one's ability to achieve

• Pro-activism and Initiative:  developing and practicing of the habit of setting, designing a plan for achieving, and achieving goals

• Leadership:  realizing and tapping into the potential to take charge and guide others