Continuing Education Units (CEUs)/Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Morgan State University's, The Center for Continuing and Professional Studies, offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs). CCPS sponsors activities for CEUs/PDHs for university departments, organizations in the Baltimore Community, the State of Maryland, and nationwide.

CCPS is the authorized unit at the University responsible for awarding, administering, and reviewing CEUs/PDHs procedures to ensure compliance with established criteria. The CEU and PDH are uniform units of measurement to record participation in non-credit, academic, professional, and training programs. Some of these partnerships are listed below:

American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA)


ACCA is a non-profit national organization dedicated to ensuring equitable employment and contracting practices with public and private sector institutions. The primary focus of ACCA includes training for its participants to empower them to combat disparities in the field and to be able to better remove barriers and obstacles of economic diversity.


Morgan State University, School of Social Work


A major goal of the School of Social Work is to expand and strengthen professional knowledge and skills that are extremely valuable for working within urban communities.  CCPS works with the School of Social Work and offers CEUs for workshops and conferences for Field Supervisors, Social Work/Mental Health Practitioners and faculty.  This partnership also involves providing CEUs for the Gerontology Program.  


Career Communications Group, Inc.


CCPS's partnership with Career Communications Group, Inc. provides opportunities to obtain CEUs/PDHs.  These conferences include, but are not limited to: Black Engineers of the Year and Women of Color conferences.


Morgan State University, School of Engineering, Teacher Transportation Institute


The Teacher Transportation Training Institute prepares educators to teach STEM skills to high school students and encourages them to pursue careers in transportation or related fields. The partnership with the School of Engineering also sponsors several meetings, workshops, and institutes which supports the professional development of Baltimore City teachers.  

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CEU/Professional Development Hours Application

CEU/PDH Guidelines Manual