Sandra L.  Grate

Administrative Assistant


Sandra L. Grate is the Administrative Assistant for The Center at Morgan State University.  Ms. Grate earned an A.A. degree from Baltimore City Community College (BCCC).  Currently, she is pursuing a B.A. degree in Public Relations at Morgan State University.

Ms. Grate’s academic and professional experience lends itself to the various aspects of her daily career functions.  She is a key player in the event conference planning for The Center.  Additionally, she is the primary point of contact for Morgan State University’s internal and external vendors.

Ms. Grate joined the team in 2004.  Since then, she has been responsible for monitoring all programs and activities in The Center. Her creativity facilitates her ability to: plan, organize and multi-task which are vital skills required in The Center. She is a resourceful, energetic individual with excellent interpersonal abilities.  Ms. Grate’s most notable attribute is the fact that she is a team player.  She is instrumental in the public relations arena through her communication skills.