Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

The Academic Recovery Program (ARP) was instituted at Morgan State University in the Office of Continuing Studies for undergraduate students in 1984.  It is a program that is designed to assist academically suspended students once they have exhausted the appeal process with the deans and the Academic Review Committees.  Students who are suspended from the university are placed in a non-matriculating, non-degree status. 

If enrolled in ARP, students are serviced exclusively through the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS).  The concept of assisting and working with this population of students has a positive effect on individuals who have been academically suspended from school.  This program affords students the opportunity to continue to pursue an educational career.  CCPS views the program as a major effort to address retention at the university.  Students who successfully complete the requirements in ARP and restore the grade point average (GPA) to a 2.0 or better will be reinstated to matriculating status.

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