Academic Advising Center

Academic advising is a strategy for improved student persistence and retention. The Center for Academic Success and Achievement houses a team of professional, academic advisors who serve as a critical link in the retention of students at the University. Professional academic advisors assist students in defining and reaching educational and developmental goals. Specifically, our advisors are assigned to and aid all degree-seeking, undergraduates in the following student populations:

  • CASA Academy Participants - first year-students who have successfully completed the CASA Academy alternative admission program (and who have not met the requirments to be advised by their department).
  • Undecided/Undeclared Students (UNDC) - students who have not yet decided on or declared an academic major.

All students in the above student populations are assigned an academic advisor. In addition, an advisor hold is placed on each student's academic record prior to the registration periods for the fall and spring semesters. The student must meet with an academic advisor each semester prior to registering for classes. After this advising meeting, the advisor will remove the advisor hold and the student can register for courses via WebSIS. Students are responsible for planning their academic curriculum and educational path, but academic advisors can offer useful input throughout the student's education to enhance the academic and personal development of the student.


  • Mr. Alkwanzo Burke | ext. 2055 | Communications Center, Room 107E (advises UNDC students with last names A-C)
  • Mr. Salifu Cham | ext. 3689 | Communications Center, Room 107F (advises UNDC students with last names M-R)
  • Mr. LaSean Robinson | ext. 1439 | Communications Center, Room 107F (advises UNDC students with last names S-Z)
  • Ms. Dawn Wilson | ext. 3995 | Communications Center, Room 107F (advises UNDC students with last names H-L)
  • Mr. Derrell Brown | ext. 3161 | Communications Center, Room 107E (advises UNDC students with last names D-G)