RCMI Program

RCMI Goals

  • To further enhance the research infrastructure and research capabilities at the institution by establishing a diverse multidisciplinary research environment that integrates information across Biomedical, Behavioral, Environmental Health disciplines that are centered on the health concerns of the urban environment.
  • To develop an IAC and an EAC that can provide critical advise on ways in which we can enhance the research productivity of the center.
  • To establish state-of-the-art core laboratories in the areas of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Histochemistry/Cytology and Environmental Health/Toxicology and provide support for research capabilities, technical services to investigators addressing research questions in the areas of Stress and Cardiovascular Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Neurodevelopment/Neurodisorders and Environmental Health and Toxicological problems.
  • To provide support for faculty pilot projects in the ares of Stress and Cardiovascular Diseases, HIV/AIDS Research, Neurodevelopment/Neurodisorders and Environmental Health/Toxicology/BioSensor Research.
  • To provide support for graduate students who are engaged in research activities that address the health and health disparities identified above.
  • To establish an evaluation plan that address the formative and summative performance of the center.

Areas of Investigation

  • Stress and Cardiovascular Diseases HIV/AIDS Research Neurodevelopment/Neurodisorders Environmental Health/Toxicology/BioSensor Research