Pre-College Programs

Academic Champions of Excellence

Academic Champions of Excellence (ACE) is a pre-college intervention program. It is a structured year-round and multi-year effort which offers rigorous instruction/ activities in mathematics and science. This program is a partnership between Baltimore City Public and Prince George's County Schools, businesses, community organizations, teachers, students, parents, and colleges/ universities.


Baltimore Urban Systemic Initiative

The Baltimore Urban Systemic Initiative (BUSI) is creating a culture of success in the Baltimore City Public Schools. This multi-year, multi-million dollar effort is propelling changes in mathematics and science education, changes that will affect every student, teacher, administrator and school.


Head Start Program

Morgan's Head Start Program serves 224 children and families and is located in the northeast section of Baltimore City. The program is currently housed in, Walter P. Carter Elementary School, Walter P. Carter Recreation Center, and Govans Elementary School.


Project PRIME

Project PRIME, a comprehensive collaborative venture designed to inspire students from the Baltimore City Public Schools to consider a career in teaching, began four years ago under the direction of Ms. Brenda P. Haynes. The DeWitt Wallace - Reader's Digest Fund has awarded a $3 million grant to support the project.