Morgan Online Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of MORGAN ONLINE is to support the success and achievement of the MSU Mission and strategic goals; to continue to meet the professional, undergraduate, and graduate level academic and training needs of the internal and external MSU community; and to offer an integrated, systematic and effective system of online programming for students seeking to learn outside the traditional classroom. This will be accomplished within a campus environment that continues the Morgan tradition of excellence and rigor in curriculum and instruction, provides adaquate support and recognition for faculty engaged in distance education design, development and delivery, insists upon enhanced advising and support services for students in their distance education selections, ensures technological proficiency and infrastruture, and assesses/evaluates the overall distance education program to inform planning decision-making and improvement and to facilitate student retention, graduation and success.

The goals of MORGAN ONLINE support the following Morgan State University strategic goals:

  1. Provide students with a variety of options and a reasonable degree of flexibility in their academic programs.
  2. Where desirable and feasible, organize degree offerings, research, and service programs around interdisciplinary and problem-oriented themes.
  3. Extend recruitment and community service programs beyond the University's traditional service areas to strengthen its competitive position an attract a racially diverse student body.