Additional Resources

Use these resources to prepare yourself to learn online. 


NOTE: Links to these resources will take you to pages off the Morgan web site.

About Computers: To learn or teach online you will need to own a working computer, laptop or netbook.  You will need access to this computer at any time.  This document will help you identify what to purchase.

Computer Basics:  When you take an online course, you will need good file management skills.  This means you know where you're saving a document, and how to retrieve it.  This document will assist those in need of a brush-up on their 'computer basics' skills.

Internet Skills:  This document presents basic browser techniques you will find helpful while taking an online course.  It also provides information on how to deal with browser errors, and Blackboard compatibility with browsers.  If you do not live on campus, and need an internet connection, you will find a Guide to Internet Providers here.

Basic Word Processing Skills:  You will need to be able to create, save and submit your work.  Using basic editing techniques such as cut/paste are also valuable skills.  This document provides access to MS Office tutorials, as well as where to obtain free software.